New Single „Heart Of A Dying Star“

The new single „Heart Of A Dying Star“ has been released today and is available on all major streaming platforms. Like I said in the teaser before, this song is a little bit more poppy than what you probably expect from The Bionic Protector, but all trademarks are still there and I really hope you enjoy it. If you want to see me performing this song, scroll a little bit down on my official profiles and you’ll find a short clip of the recording session.

Have fun guys and if you like it, please let me know, stream, comment, share – every single bit of help is appreciated very much. A heartfelt THANK YOU for your support! You people keep The Bionic Protector going (and maybe flying, because we have jetpacks)!

Heart Of A Dying Star by The Bionic Protector (

Neues Album „Maximum Damage“ am 06. Oktober

„The Bionic Protector“ fährt erneut die Waffensysteme hoch und ballert am 06.10.23 ein brandneues Album mit 12 rasanten Tracks in die Stores. Widerstand ist zwecklos, also besser gleich die Kopfhörer auspacken und brav plattwalzen lassen, sonst gibt’s Feuer unterm Arsch! Der Bionic Protector dankt höflichst für Ihre Kooperation!

New album „Mark II“ out now!

„Mark II“ is out now and available everywhere. Please see the links below for details! I wish you a good time listening!

Written, produced, mixed and performed by Stefan Christian Schenkel

Mastered by Marc Felish – Dominion Mastering, USA…/the-age-of…/1557036260

Recording The Upcoming Album

Here’s a first short teaser for my upcoming album and a very first impression of what’s to expect from the new stuff. Please enjoy and play with sound!

„Return Of The Progenitors“ is out now!

„Return Of the Progenitors“ is out now and available everywhere! If you like energetic, electronic music with a rock attitude, this is just for you! „The Bionic Protector“ features influences from Dark Synthwave, Industrial, Metal and Psytrance. It’s a experimental mix of styles and genres, you won’t get anywhere else. Please support me, if you like what you hear! 🙂🤘

Taken from the album „Return Of The Progenitors“
Written, performed, produced and mixed by
Stefan Christian Schenkel
Mastered by Stefan Noltemeyer…


Ready to kick some alien butts next Friday!

Promo pics for Return Of The Progenitors

First Single „Flight Of The Cosmic Weaver“ out now! The full album „Return Of The Progenitors“ will be released on 19.06.2020.

New project „The Bionic Protector“

„The Bionic Protector“ is my new project, which features Synthwave, Chiptune, Industrial, a bit of Psytrance and a lot of intense melodies and punshy grooves. The upcoming album „Return Of The Progenitors“ will be released on 19.06.20 and the single „Flight Of The Cosmic Weaver“ will be available in all major stores within the next couple of days. The album has been mastered by Stefan Noltemeyer, who is well known for mastering countless artists and he did a great job here again. Please check it out!

Neue Reviews auf Stormbringer

Zu Phantasmagoria und Dominium Terrae findet man jetzt gleich zwei neue Reviews bei Stormbringer. Mit herzlichem Dank nach Österreich!